Press Release 2018 Economic Study

More Jobs for Sumter County
The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) in partnership with the Scenic Sumter Heritage Byway organization recently completed an economic assessment of their 62-mile Byway. FDOT contracted with the University of Florida-Institute of Food & Agriculture Services, Food and Resource Economics Department to assess the economic impact of a designated scenic highway on the communities that it touches. The study’s economic modeling efforts estimated the total annual impacts attributed to the Scenic Byway to include the creation of 45 full and part-time jobs, over $2 million in added Gross Regional Product, and the generation of nearly $250,000 in local and state tax revenue.

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Economic Study Press Release -Final (2-4-19)


The Coast-to-Coast connector Trail is a 275 mile bicycle/pedestrian World Class Trail which links St. Petersburg to Titusville by establishing connections of various trails throughout the communities of Central Florida. Approximately 75% of the trail is already developed and open to the public or funded for completion. The Scenic Sumter Heritage Byway is a proud supporter of the Coast-to-Coast Connector.

Adopt-a-Highway Initiative Cleans Up Well

Did you know that it takes anywhere from 200-500 years for an aluminum can to decompose? A glass bottle takes up to 1,000,000 years. Keeping the roadside litter-free is a task that is undertaken by many groups across the United States, and for the Byway it was an action that could not be ignored. In mid 2012, the Scenic Sumter Heritage Byway adopted a segment of CR 476B through the Sumter County Adopt-a-Highway Program. Dawn Cary, CME Treasurer/ Secretary and committee leader in charge of this initiative, contacted the County to establish quarterly Byway clean-up events. These events are held quarterly on Saturdays at 9:00 a.m. with the next event scheduled for March 28th. The CME posts information on the Byway’s Facebook site alerting friends to the upcoming events. According to the CME, this is a great opportunity for community service hours and for finding objects that one would not think to find along the side of the road. The Sumter County Adopt-a-Highway program has helped improve the appearance of the county’s right-ofway since 1996.