Making a Difference in Your Community

Getting Your Student Volunteer Hours

Make a Difference in Your Community

Scenic Sumter Heritage Byway is committed to preserving the natural beauty and heritage of our scenic roadways within Sumter County. Volunteering for the byway allows you the opportunity to make a difference while experiencing the rewards of contributing.

Volunteering for this non-profit entity also allows you to get your community service hours for scholarships and other school-related applications, in return for just a few short hours of service each month.

Our Volunteers

Volunteers are critical to the operation of the byway organization and the activities we perform throughout the year.
Activities can include:

  • Beautifying the byway by cleaning up roadside right-of-ways along the byway corridor
  • Spreading the word about the byway by manning booths at local public events
  • Promoting the byway by updating social media accounts and website pages
  • Attending organization meetings and offering your thoughts and suggestions

Simply provide your name and contact info and you will be well-on-your way to experiencing the joy of contributing, the camaraderie of working together in tight-knit groups, and the satisfaction of knowing you have made a difference.

Click the button below to learn how you can get involved. Each volunteer can participate in a variety of roles and activities. Please let the byway organizer (no doubt a volunteer themselves) know your availability and any particular areas of expertise you might have, such as:

“I’m a people person interested in getting face-to-face with the public!” (perfect for manning booths at various events),
“I’m good with technology & social media!” (a great fit for handling social media postings and website maintenance duties),
“I’m an experienced project manager!” (perfect for helping organize fundraising events or other activities), or
“I just want to help in any way I can.” (simply helping out with setups, meetings and roadside cleanup, etc.)

Regardless of how you participate, your participation is invaluable. Thanks again for your interest. We’ll see you along the Byway!